Saturday, August 4, 2007


I had a fun time at Faribault. I was there for a kid's crusade Mon.-Thurs. night. I was privileged to be with Pastor Donn there at the Assembly of God church. We had pretty good sized crowds and most of the people were not from the church. I was able to do about an hour and 20 min. each night and had a very responsive crowd.

Food was served after the service each night and they had an inflatable bounce house to use at this time as well.

I stayed in a near-by hotel and was able to swim and relax after the program each night.

On my way home I stayed overnight at Adam Zvanovec's house. He is a friend from school and it was great to hang out again. That has been one great advantage to being on the road. Although I'm not home I still get to see many friends I would not see otherwise.

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