Saturday, November 1, 2008

October 31st at Redeeming Love

Last night I was able to do and evangelistic show at Redeeming Love for their Halloween Alternative. I had a great time doing my best stuff for a pretty good sized crowd.
My sister came with me as well as Jon Lee, a friend from school named Jon Lee. It is always wonderful to have a few familiar faces around. Now my attention turns as we enter the coming holiday season. I started listening to Christmas music already :-P
I am excited for what the season will bring.
Now for a quick update on the program I will be doing with Oxford P. Nutts! It looks like we will be performing "Home for the Holidays" at least four or five times. I am really looking forward to this time when I get to be onstage with my dad again instead of doing the entire program myself. There will be less on my mind and shoulders!

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