Friday, December 31, 2010

The Price I'm Paying

Happy New Year!

With PUSH Physical Theatre it is probably no surprise to you that we do a lot of physical training. Of course, shows are no exceptions either. So before going into Christmas break we hit it hard preparing for all those sweets coming our way.

This is where the story begins, because with a week of company class left I decided it would be fun to go sledding. No problem there, except for the fact that I tried a little jump with a cheap snowboard. The jump wasn't packed down all to well and when the snowboard hit, it stuck... I didn't. Flying through the air I had very little time to reposition and I ended up landing on my left shoulder breaking my collar bone. The rest of the night was spent in the Emergency Room with a couple friends.

As far as training and performing is concerned, not being able to use my shoulder sets me back quite a way. I'm hoping everything is ready to go by the end of January. I appreciate your prayers during this time of healing.

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